Interview with Elias from White Serpent, Black Dragon

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I have a surprise for you today! I have a special guest today on the blog and he will be answering all your burning questions about himself. I’m so excited to introduce to you Elias Sorivar, from White Serpent, Black Dragon by Joe Jackson.

Joe’s newest book in the Eve of Redemption series is out and is free to those who have kindle unlimited. I was able to read an advance copy of the novel and had to wait until now to tell you about it and to share this interview with you. I must warn you, though, that the interview does contain spoilers. I will provide a notification so you can pause reading the interview until after reading the book.

Since I do have a spoiler at the end, I wanted to mention this now instead of at the end. All authors are in need of reviews. Honest, unbiased reviews from strangers. Any review whether good or bad helps the author.

If you enjoy reading fantasy and would like to help another author out, please check out his book and write a review. Thank you for your generosity and time! I know Joe would appreciate your time as well!

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Interview with Elias Sorivar, half-corlyps.

Cori: Hi Eli, welcome to my blog. I’ll start with the first question. What was the reason why you chose to follow Kari on her mission to Barcon?

Elias: Honestly, it was mostly revenge at first. But the more I got to know Kari, the more I realized she was a rare breed; the kind of person you want to follow, come hell or high water. The longer I was around her, and the more she brought up my work under Bosimar, the more I wanted to be that same person making history again.

C: Before you met Kari, you worked for Jason Borimar, previous Avatar of Vengeance. What was the most exciting thing you did while working for him?

E: Stopping an underworld invasion, of course. Hard to top that, though the whole situation with the red dragon probably takes a close second…okay, a distant second.

C: You are half-corlyps. Please explain what that means and what it has meant for you personally.

E: Being a half-corlyps? Well, obviously, it means my father was a corlyps – the third type of “demon” created by Seril. They’re tough and hard to kill, but generally, they’re cowards unless there’s a lot of them. One thing you’ll probably never see is a happy family with a corlyps father. They tend not to stick around after the siring’s done. So, predictably, it’s not a lot of fun to be half-corlyps. Most people treat me like dirt, and I end up shouldering the blame for the fact that my father was a good-for-nothing rapist. So it’s been a long line of raw deals since I was born, but you know what? You end up where you’re supposed to be, one way or another. If I’d been born a regular old rir, maybe I’d be harvesting wheat instead of helping the Demonhunter Order save the world. Hard to say.

C: Tell us how you came to own The Satin Palace?

E: I actually built the place with money I made working for the Order. The Earl’s views of prostitution made it a dangerous, back-alley business, and dead girls were turning up all the time. I had originally gone to Lajere in the hopes of buying a stake in a jewelry company, but ended up building a safe place for these unfortunate souls to do their work. It’s not a business I’d ever enter myself, or recommend anyone else to, but those that do are no less deserving of protection, and the authorities tend to overlook them. That’s why the Earl let me build the place, and run it as I see fit.

C: What was your experience with Kari? What was it like working for her?

E: She wasn’t what I expected, that’s for sure. She’s driven and dedicated, but she’s a rare type of crusader that doesn’t lose sight of the little people while fighting for the greater purpose. That’s a rare thing in a leader, whether they’re an Avatar of Vengeance or a demon king. She was like Jason Bosimar, but better. Working with her was like working for a friend, and she was the type of woman who, under other circumstances, I might’ve tried courting. She’s slightly lacking in self-confidence at times, but she’s always lacking in vanity, which is a treat in someone so powerful and widely admired.

C: Will you continue to work for Kari, head of demon order, in the future?

E: If she’ll have me by her side, absolutely. I told Attir Surallis that I’d follow her into hell itself, and I meant it.

C: Eli, you have such a kind heart, please tell my readers how came about such gentleness? It would seem it goes against your nature.

E: It’s hard to say… I don’t see myself that way. I’m just a man with a lot of sins to pay for, trying to do the best I can to settle that debt. Danilynn’s told me that’s not how it works, but since I’ve never been too sure how any of it “works,” I just do the best I can. Maybe if more people did the same, the world wouldn’t be in the state it’s in.

C: Describe your relationship to Danilynn.

E: Danilynn was always that sweet girl I never thought I was good enough for. The irony is that I spent most of my time making passes at Jori-an, who really didn’t think I was good enough for her. Danilynn’s a little like Kari in some ways, and her beauty and character make her uniquely attractive, at least to this grizzled merc.

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