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J. K. Accinni Was born and raised in Sussex County, which is were this fictional story is set. She now resides in Sarasota, Florida with her husband and numerous animals.

Baby: An Alien Apocalyptic Saga (Species Intervention #6609 Series Book 1, A Novel by J. K. Accinni

This is a prequel to the Species Intervention Series with a total of 6 books in the series. Accinni introduces the reader to the alien species and this will be helpful to the remainder of the series.

I have not read the remainder of the series, but I enjoyed the first book so much that I want to read the rest. I want to note the remarkable marketing strategy she used. She included the first three chapters of the next book in the series, Echo, at the end of the first book. This was enough of the book to get you more interested in the rest of the series and was the clincher in my decision whether or not to purchase the next book in the series. If you are writing a series, seriously consider this option—it works.

Netty and Baby, the alien, are the two main characters and seem to have equal billing in the book. There are two supporting characters, Wil and Robert, who also have considerable roles in the book. The story begins with Netty.

Accinni uses several methods to describe Netty. She uses a combination of reflections or flashbacks and clever micro-descriptions scattered throughout the first chapter, such as “wide frame” and “thinning, ratty brown hair”.  She also describes Netty’s psychological stated in a similar manner by using her responses to current stressors.  Netty thinks of herself as a “pathetic wretch” and we are shown how low her self-esteem is and just how far down into the pit of depression and self-loathing she has travelled. In total, the author describes a physically, mentally and emotionally beaten down woman. This woman is destined to die alone in an equally beaten down two room shack until she meets Baby, an alien, in chapter two.

J. K. Accinni describes the alien, Baby, and enough about the alien species for the reader to understand the rest of the book. She doesn’t overload the reader with technical jargon, but easily and seamlessly shifts between story telling and world building. The remainder of information about Baby or rest of his species is parceled out in bits and pieces as the story unfolds.

The psychology of a victim of domestic violence is nicely demonstrated by the author. Netty and Cassie have many similarities, both being in relationships with domestic violence, but Netty presents in a defeated state, not necessarily one of suffering. Netty requires the assistance of extra-terrestrial or other worldly powers to climb out of her dejected and defeated state. This power is what leads to her eventual death or transition. While Netty and Cassie are both believable characters, I prefer Cassie because she more closely resembles a strong feminine character capable of surviving depths of suffering and returning to her life a changed woman.

One area I’m personally struggling with now is Point Of View (POV). I found a book by Alfie Thompson that explains this well. Accinni uses multiple 3rd person point of view in this book. Because she uses this technique with several characters, it is a little confusing at times. There isn’t the time to develop the voices of all the different supporting characters. The reader is able to differentiate three distinct voices (out of six) in the book. Thompson described this as a potential problem when too many point of views are used. I am planning on using multiple 3rd point of view in my novel, but I plan to limit to two characters and concentrate on making these two voices distinct.

To The End We Have Come

Accinni’s prequel provides several valuable lessons we can learn from. Her character descriptions—one chapter a piece—are done quite well. Even with multiple point of views were a little too many, it did not detract from the story line. Her story and series is quite compelling.

Which point of view do you prefer to read or write in?  What is your favorite book on point of view?

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