My Take Aways from Tribe Writers Conference 2015

I attended the Tribe Writers conference this past weekend. As you can imagine, I’ve attended my share of stuffy, boring conferences. This was not one of those conferences. First it was fun, second it was very informative, and third, it was worth more than the money I spent on registration and getting there! The conference was put on and hosted by Jeff Goins. This was his first time hosting a conference, and I must say I was impressed. He did an amazing job and made it look easy.

A Challenge

During the conference, one of the speakers, Bryan Harris, challenged us to get as many subscribers to our mailing list as possible and the winner would win something really cool. I didn’t win, not by a long shot, but I gained something more valuable, the knowledge that I can do more than I think I can do and, more importantly, I have really cool friends who want to learn more about what I’m creating! Thanks to all my friends who said yes, each of you made my day!

Another Challenge

Another speaker, Christine Royce Niles, issued a challenge and I accepted. She challenged each of us to set a 90 day goal that would be a stretch for us to achieve. Then her presentation was all about how to focus and set smaller goals to achieve the 90 day goal. Well, I chose that I would publish my first novel on November 28th. This will be a stretch because I have never done this before. I had been just plodding along and thinking that I would take my time getting published and would get it done when I got it done. Not anymore! Now I’ve got to get on the ball and make each day count.

What is Coming Up Next…

In the coming weeks I am going to publish the prequel to my first novel here on the blog. I’ll send it out to everyone who is subscribed already and make it available to anyone new who subscribes. I’m excited about the prequel, but even more excited about the book.

A little about the upcoming novel: Jo, a wheelchair bound linguist, is brought in by a government agency to lead a team of scientists in establishing communication with an alien. The alien, Itzban, is actually a human-alien hybrid from Earth 2355 who was sent back to 2015 on a mission to save the future. Itzban fails in his mission and now it is up to Jo to save the future of Earth.

Stay tuned for a behind the scenes look at novel writing and research behind the novel. I may post a first chapter or other cool stuff too. I am still reading and will still be posting reviews of books that I find interesting on here as well. I’m reading a cool book now that I can’t wait to share!

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