Second Post in Borderline Personality Disorder Series

The first post in this series covers the definition and explanation of BPD, or borderline personality disorder. For more background information, please read the first post in the series. Now lets dive into why you should include this disorder or traits in a character.


The simplest and easiest answer is that borderline traits or someone with BPD automatically adds drama to your novel. One character with borderline traits (some symptoms, but not most of them) will add intrigue, keep your readers guessing, and add drama to most scenes. If you feel that your novel needs some additional drama, consider these personality traits.


So you have a great plot outlined and some interesting characters for your next novel, and you are wanting to add in a subplot, but just not sure what. A character with BPD could be a large part of an interesting sub-plot. There are many approaches to this that I will cover in the next post, but a great subplot can add intrigue, interest, and help to keep the readers attention through to the end of the book. A main character with borderline traits can sometimes be too much for some readers, but a subplot may be just the right amount of exposure to this type of drama that keeps the reader firmly planted on the edge of their seat.

Interesting Character

One of my novels I’m working on has a group of scientists forming a team to discover something new. If you aren’t careful a group of scientists can get boring real fast! I decided to make on character with BPD to add more drama and form part of the subplot. For my novel, it has helped to build tension as well. If you have your main character(s) set and are looking at the rest of your supporting characters and they are starting to look boring, then creating one character with BPD or at least traits will alleviate any boredom in your supporting cast of characters.


In the right story or plot, a character with BPD would make a great antagonist. Swim Fan and Fatal Attraction come to mind as examples. I think the stories were created around the BPD as the antagonist. If you want to make a character with BPD the antagonist, I would recommend starting with that character and then begin adding the other characters and plot. This will not work for every story, but the right story it will be perfect.


Alternatively, a character with BPD could be the main character. This also needs special attention and special circumstances. This would certainly make for an interesting character. People with BPD are not evil and are not inherently antagonistic, but can be perceived as such. Characters with BPD could also make a great protagonist.

Considered a BPD Character You Have

Hopefully this has given you some things to consider with regards to characters in your upcoming novels. As a reader, you will be better able to pick out a character with borderline traits. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. Next week, I will discuss the How. See you then.

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